Cupboards - vitrines

Traditionally, the cupboards and vitrines or display cases are classified as additional furniture, carrying out the functions of the items exhibition.Buffets are usually consisting of separated shelves or drawers for plates, glasses, cutlery and other household items.For example, display cases have lots of glass details, starting with the side walls, to the glass shelves, and everything is emphasized by the back wall arranged mirror, intended to reveal the characteristics of the surface of the object.Some, even antique cupboards and display cases, have additionally arranged inside lighting, which not just contrast with the glass parts, but also creates a unique play of colours and gives the interior a cosy twilight effect.
So, if you see that your home needs an additional piece of furniture or storage space, but at the same time you do not want "clutter up" space with lots of various lockers or cabinets, then antique cupboard or display case is a great choice.

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