BRA Wall Lights

The first bra lights appeared back in the seventeenth century, in France, and since then has become especially popular at every monarch's or wealthy official’s home. At XIX century, with the spread of industrialization, bra-type lamps could be bought by not so rich city dwellers as well.Antique bra lamps will bring to your house feeling of romance and mystery.These bras are often used as the auxiliary lighting to emphasize one or other interior details.Vintage bra fixtures are extremely versatile - suitable for both large and smaller spaces, where it can sometimes become a major lighting source, in a narrow hallway or even in the bathroom.Vintage bra lamps are usually made ​​of bronze, its alloy or brass, sometimes - tin, even coated with silver.No matter which one you choose – it will liven up your home's interior giving it the impression of romance and warmth. 

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