Antique candelabra - one of the most versatile interior parts that suit any style of home furnishing.Candle holders come in one or more sockets - the so-called candelabra - candle trees.In ancient times, just as now too, candlesticks were usually put on the furniture, shelves and so on; high candlesticks – were standing on the floor.Candlesticks often had special part, which made it possible to comfortably take and carry it while lighting your way. Ancient hanging candelabra look archaic in particular.The original interior solution will provide comfort to the house and will make guests gasp of surprise. This lighting is suitable not only for archaic style of the house, but also for modern ones. Antique candlestick looks great standing on the supper table as well - a cozy candle light creates a special atmosphere.You can ignite lights not only at night, but during the breakfast too, especially at the harsher seasons. 

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