Painting reproductions

Do you want to buy one or another world-famous artist's painting, but it seems impossible to you?We offer you a perfect solution – possibility to buy your favourite author antique reproduction.Authorized reproduction - is a high-resolution fragments photographed and printed copy of the original image.As stated by art experts, difference between high-quality reproductions of the original can be seen only when you came closer than 1.5 meters, and sometimes with the naked eye it just is not visible - in order to feel the difference you have to touch or even smell.“Rumšiškių baldai” antiques centre offers great famous painters ancient paintings reproductions of choice.These are not a modern reproduction, so-called "prints".Various topics, in different sizes, composition painting reproductions are often made at the beginning or mid of the twentieth century, using old printing techniques, also  often framed in original same era frame. 

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