Clocks and Watches

The need to measure the part of the day led the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans to build solar and water clocks and other early chronometric instruments.Western Europeans took over these technologies, however, around the thirteenth century the need for more accurate measurement of the time led medieval artisans to invent the mechanical clock. At “Rumšiškių baldai” antiques centre you will find numerous antique clocks - even for the most intricate customer demand, matching the different styles of home interior.The most of them – ancient, the second half of nineteenth century- beginning of the twentieth century, authentic, of distinctive design, precision craftsmen working - standing or wall clocks with high stable value. Created for even more archaic home environment - massive, luxurious design, so called fireplace sets are original, often richly ornamented - standing watches, arranged to the aside standing candlesticks and chandeliers.

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