For your surprise, plate as a dish is not very old "invention".Our most common - ceramic plates were introduced in France only in the seventeenth century.By the fifteenth century European nobles ate out of metal or wooden bowls, and the poor - from the bread crumb made “plates”.Less commonly used tin plates also appeared only in the Middle Ages.In our days, the plate is an integral part of everyday life.Dishes we eat from show who we are, so for that daily ritual one should choose high-quality, aesthetic and durable dishes.For that reason, most of the tableware is made ​​of porcelain; you can choose from our offered for you large collection of porcelain production masters antiques from England, France, Germany and other countries: Royal Albert, Wedgwood, Aynsley, Couldon, Limoges, Meissen, Villeroy & Boch" and many others. 

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