Since ancient times, for people with their own homes, beds are the most expensive object in their possession. For example, in the sixteenth century in England, the average bed cost £5.This amount was equal to the half-year teacher's salary.Because the bed was a luxury thing, it was generally considered to be in the parlour, so guests can admire it.In our time a bed is for a bedroom.A good bed should be first of all comfortable, secondly - to give the room an aesthetic charm."Rumšiškių baldai” antiques centre offered beds to meet both of these criteria - from narrow single beds to broad, massive frame, a king-size beds.This piece of furniture can be matched to both the historic and the eclectic interior of the house, where it will become the main focal-point.Antique beds usually are made of solid wood, so are very durable and long-lasting, so are a great investment - you really will not need to change the bed for many years.

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